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This site exists for three reasons:

1. To help, inspire, and entertain you.

2. To do such an impressive job with all of the above, I gain your trust and earn the privilege of sending you a few emails every month.

3. As a creative outlet for yours truly.

If you value creativity, mindfulness, and personal development (and don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone), read on.

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer hungry for more sales, even better.

Now, you might have a few questions

what’s in it for me?

The word that sums it up perfectly is balance. During the last five years, the personal growth I’ve experienced nicely balances out the fair amount of stupid shit I did in my former life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

What that means to you is I’m here to serve, to lend a hand in helping you find a balance of your own. What’s in it for you are systems, lessons, and actionable ideas that make it possible to live a life you love.

By the way, I don’t have it all figured out. I won’t get it right every time, but I’ll do my best to give you something worthwhile, something you can use to move yourself and others forward in the world.

If you’re into it, I also have over a decade’s worth of sales and marketing experience to help you sell more, serve more people, and build wealth.

what’s in it for you?

I want to make some cash money, and I want to feel good about doing it.

As far as I know, there’s only one legit way to make that happen: build an audience and help as many people as you possibly can. Like, every damn day, without holding anything back (or expecting anything in return).

I also want to grow, to be the best human I can be. I’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way, and by following the principles of failing forward, I’ll stay motivated. There’s no finger-pointing, I know failure is temporary, and I vary my approaches to achievement, to name a few.

John C. Maxwell says, “You’re built to give your talents to the world; be diligent about finding expressions for them in your career.”

So that’s what I’ll do—I’ll keep at it, finding my expressions—and I hope to make a massive, lasting impact on everyone who comes along for the ride.

why did you make this?

The best content out there is people taking you along for the ride.

I’m most engaged when people write about what they’re up to—and do it humbly. It’s inspiring and helpful to watch people explain how they get things done when it’s not entirely self-serving.

So, my mission? Nurture a growing obsession with building in public.

I’ll share what I’m working on, and I’ll do my best to make it worth your time. With multiple ongoing projects and all the typical life stuff, expect a substantial amount of lessons learned.

When it provides context, I’ll link to my projects.

If all else fails, it’ll be fun to look back on what came out of this—the growth, connections, and, if I’m lucky, a wee bit of weirdness.

can I suggest content?

¡Por supuesto! Send me an email.

what’s next?

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