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Dear friend,

Do you struggle to consistently get your ideal prospects on the phone in a way that’s scalable and requires little-to-no time commitment from you?

I can help you solve that problem (for good!) by turning your sales team into a lead-generating machine. Before you know it, you’ll have a pipeline full of qualified opportunities — AND you’ll even have the luxury of turning down prospects who aren’t a perfect fit!

I’ll explain more in just a second.

But first, a few comments from my clients:

We’ve had an awesome experience working with Nolan and his team. Shortly after launching the campaign, we saw a big uptick in warm leads, which allowed us to schedule more meetings and ultimately increased our software company’s revenue and visibility. 

We were focused on the New York City market and Nolan convinced us to push nationwide which has worked beautifully for us. We now have new clients in Chicago, Seattle and throughout all of California as a result to Nolan’s efforts. If you’re looking for experts in email marketing & lead generation, I highly recommend hiring FatCat Leads!

— Orly Perlman-Reitkop

Managing Partner, 9Fold

They genuinely understood my target audience and business goals, crafting compelling messages that quickly led to a 184% increase in the size of my LinkedIn network. If you’re looking for experts in LinkedIn lead generation, I highly recommend hiring FatCat Leads!

— Tom Bibeault

Director of Sales, Virtual Intelligence Briefing

I’m in love with the LinkedIn lead generation program and have gotten some great leads from it!

— Tina Preston

Senior Sales Executive, Virtual Intelligence Briefing

Nolan’s writing was spot-on. No revisions needed on a quick turn B2B email project. Will hire him again and again and again (if he lets me).

— Nate Wright

B2B Growth Strategist

FatCat Leads is easily one of the best lead generation companies out there. They manage to nail down exactly where your pain points are while listening to exactly what you have to say, instead of telling you what you want to hear.

I would highly recommend using them if your business needs help with generating more leads. You get a full-service agency that walks you through every step of the process.

— Chase Hanna

Head of Marketing, Testimonial Hero

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

These folks — my past and current clients — all have something in common. Their businesses have a foundation of solid products, and they’ve got hungry sales teams.

At the same time, they prefer to be hands-off. They all want(ed) more leads, better prospects, increased sales — without the messy work of dialing in a repeatable lead gen strategy.

If you’re in the same boat, simply put your info in the box down below — and I’ll reach out to start a conversation.

You and I will talk about offering a clear explanation of how your product or service can solve someone’s problem. Then we’ll discuss how my B2B outreach system will help you find the right potential customers.

If everything’s gravy, my team of experienced, dedicated lead-generating maniacs will do what they do best: work tirelessly to fill up your sales team’s calendar.

Here’s how my proven B2B outreach system can help you turn lead generation into a predictable, repeatable source of revenue for your business:

Crack The Code On Cold Outreach By Implementing My “Battle Tested” Hybrid Outreach Method – (Plug in my easily “copy-&-paste-able” system I use to jumpstart countless cold outreach campaigns that provide qualified leads at the touch of a button!

(Re)Invent Your Follow-Up Series In A Spam-Free Way That Snatches Your Prospects Attention And Practically Forces Them To Respond To You!

Execute The “Secret-Entrance” Technique To Circumnavigate Even The Most Steadfast Gatekeepers And Land Right In The Decision Makers Inbox.

Craft Compelling Offers That Are So Attractive They Could Star As Playboy Models.

Cat Got Your Tongue?… (Use the foolproof sales formula that’s amazing at conveying why you’re the only solution your prospects will ever need). Even your most timid salesperson can make out like a bandit!

Avoid The Dangerous Problem Of “Prospect ASaaSination” – Overcome the three common objections that prospects have for 99% of SaaS companies which are killing your chances of closing even the hottest leads every time you get on the phone with them.

Utilize The Ethical “Wiretap” Technique To Know What Your Prospects Really Want… (This completely legal & ethical technique will give you an almost unfair advantage on every sales call because you’ll already know what your prospects are thinking).

Spot When A “Closed” Deal Is About To Pull The Rug And Learn The Trade Secret To Stop This From Happening Before It’s Too Late!

    Here’s the thing.

    I could teach you how to do all of this. Give you access to a course I poured hundreds of hours into creating. Ramp up your sales team. Make sure they’re following the SOPs. Etc.

    But do you really want to add more to your team’s plate? Do they have the time to learn and implement the processes (no matter how simple and efficient I made them)?

    Or would you prefer my team and I take on all the grunt work for you?

    Go that route, and you can take full advantage of our decades of experience and hardened skin-in-the-game lessons. Send us out in your place to do what we do best:

    Fill Your Pipeline With Piping-Hot, Qualified Leads Who Practically Close Themselves!

    Ready to have my team step onboard and revolutionize your outreach system for good without adding more work to your day?

    Here’s what’s on the other side:

    • Take control of your business’s future.
    • Sit back and enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re not adding any more stress to your business (i.e., your life).
    • Stop feeling lost when it comes to attracting and closing ideal prospects.

    I’d love to hear from you.

    Happy selling,

    Nolan Bulger

    Co-founder @ FatCat Leads LLC

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